Vogadors at Venice

As part of the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale Ramon Llull Institute presents an exhibition dedicated to the Catalan and Balearic architecture: Vogadors | Architectural Rowers. Catalan & Balearic Threads: Hard materiality for a permeable architecture, curated by Jordi Badia Felix Arranz.

The exhibition documents a selection of 9 works from some of the most outstanding young Catalan and Balearic architects, all of them with a shared sensibility. These works likewise illustrates a different way of going about things in response to the growing demand on the part of society for what is necessary for community life. As starting points for the exhibition, the Mediterranean Sea, which both separates and brings together Catalunya and the Balearic Islands and, on the other hand Oteiza?s words:

«He who forges ahead creating something new does so like a rower, moving forward but back-paddling, looking behind him, towards the past, towards what exists, so as to be able to reinvent its underpinnings.»

ArchitectureBAAS arquitectura + Félix Arranz
Graphic designCLASE
ClientInstitut Ramon Llull
PhotographerFrancesco Barasciutti
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