Pallars 180

Over the last few years, a new kind of architecture has taken over the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona. This new architecture, with its unique buildings, fails to relate to its industrial, traditional surroundings. This body of scattered buildings does not help in the ultimate goal of constructing a quality urban space, and all too often, the street becomes an inhospitable, uninviting place.

The project is a decided attempt to bring continuity to the block, and to do so with language and colours that fit in naturally into the surroundings, all while preserving its autonomy and personality.

The building’s cross-section features a series of step-backs that recognise and respect the neighbouring constructions. In so doing, it creates a closer tie with the immediate surroundings while at the same time achieving a lighter volume.

ArchitectureBAAS (Jordi Badia, Alex Clarà)
ClientConren Tramway
ProgramOffice building
Surface15.200 m2
EU MIES AWARD 2024 Nominee
XVI Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2023. Finalist
Brick Award 2024 Nominee
Premi Catalunya Coinstrucció 2023. Obra Nominada
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