León Funeral Services

This building is fronted with an expansive lawn and a lake thus blending in with the natural environment and the nearby residential area.

The waiting room looks out onto an ivy-covered ledge surrounded by birches, and is made of varnished wood. Carpeting and indirect lighting create a comfortable atmosphere. Vigil rooms are illuminated with natural light coming from courtyards with water which suggest peace, quiet and privacy.

The only visible façade – the rooftop – reflects the magnificent sky of León, giving an analogy to death.

ArchitectureBAAS Arquitectura + Josep Val
LocationLeon, Spain
Surface3200 m2
PhotographerEugeni Pons
AR+d Award (Emerging architecture) The Architectural Review
Finalist Premi SALONI
Premio de Arquitectura Julio Galán Carvajal
Finalista Premi FAD Arquitectura
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