Daste-Daubié Primary School and Kindergarten

A light wooden volume, friendly to children, which houses most of the classrooms on the first floor and which rests on a ceramic brick volume that acts as a plinth for the entire piece. On the facade, this volume of wood is protected with a red paint that has traditionally been used to protect rural wooden constructions. A large porch facing the boulevard welcomes the children and takes them directly to the three outdoor patios that are connected to each other. The building, despite the necessary visual protection, wants to establish transparencies between the boulevard and the courtyards, which make it more pleasant, and not so opaque. In the center, a slightly higher body, the heart of the building, concentrates all the vertical routes and some pieces of collective use, and houses the entrance hall from where you can see the promenade.

ArchitectureBAAS + synopsys
ProgramEducational Space
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