BSC Barcelona Supercomputing Center

The future headquarters of the BSC-CNS, in Campus Nord de la UPC in Barcelona, are located inside the gardens of Torre Girona. The main entrance of the building faces the plaza Eusebi Güell and is formalized as a hole that runs through the building and becomes a viewing hole towards Torre Girona. Inside, a public tour of access is generated to service the future supercomputer (MareIncognito) and of relationship and access to the chapel of Torre Girona where the MareNostrum is currently located. The abstract image of the building, built from bright white lames, suggests the lightness and purity of an electronic device and is inspired by the heat dysiplers of computers.

ArchitectureBAAS arquitectura
Surface12,597 m2
PhotographerAdrià Goula
Selected XV Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2021
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